Spicy Butternut Soup

Spicy Butternut Soup

Infinite Pilates and Wellness is a young brand that was started by Gabriela Limberis in 2016.

The brand encapsulates an all-round healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

The first of the Infinite brand to open is the Infinite Café, due to open in 2017. The Infinite Café introduces a convenient and cost effective way to achieve a healthy and nutritious diet.  We produce and deliver simple, fresh and unique health foods and juices.

We are dedicated to eating sustainably and for this reason all our foods are vegan and vegetarian. Our brand is dedicated to empowerment and only sources its food from local produces.

But our brand is so much more than that.

Learning how to lead a healthy and nutritious lifestyle can become quite overwhelming, with a number of different opinions and schools of thought flooding the internet.  Our hope is that through all our social media channels, specifically through our blog, we enable our customers to make an educated decision regarding their own wellness experience.

Our Blog Series

In Conversation With…

In these videos we discuss health and wellness with professionals from different cultural backgrounds. Engaging in these conversations will attempt to broaden our way of looking at and thinking about psychological and physical wellness.

10 Recipes in 10 Weeks

A series of 10 videos where we attempt to recreate insta-famous vegan/ vegetarian dishes.

Health Benefits and Recipes

We seek to not only serve nutritional products but also educate the consumer as to each products nutritional properties.

This series of blog posts focuses on a food source and its health benefits.  We also provide you with a delicious recipe in which the item is showcased.